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The Absolute Sound reports on WireWorld’s Cable Polygraph

David Salz of WireWorld demonstrated his Cable Polygraph at the Rocky Mountain AudioShow. Here are excerpts from the report:  He (David Salz) then proceeded to play paired comparisons of a direct connection vs. a particular cable, some of them from competitors. … Continue reading

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Hurrah for WireWorld and GoldenEar Tchnology

Danish audiophile magazine Nomono reviews WireWorld’s Aurora power cable. Here’s the conclusion: Our listening comparisons showed that especially the precision in the left/right sound stage was significantly better defined with the Wireworld cable than with other existing power cables. When we switched … Continue reading

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Oh frabjous day…

I received my absolute sound 2014 high-end audio buyer’s guide today. Sure it was mostly stuff priced like new cars, but as always I was pleased to see so many reasonably priced components from my brands on the list. GoldenEar … Continue reading

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Upgrade power cables

People ask me – “Do audiophile power cables make a difference?” The good news is YES, they will improve your system. Of course the bad news is something you probably already expect – there is a correlation of the amount … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog

I am Wylie Williams, owner of The Speaker and Stereo Store in St. Louis Missouri, which is kind of a misnomer because now it operates from my home. For 23 years it was a storefront but when I closed the storefront, intending to retire, people kept calling me and … Continue reading

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