Hurrah for WireWorld and GoldenEar Tchnology

Danish audiophile magazine Nomono

reviews WireWorld’s Aurora power cable.

Here’s the conclusion:

Our listening comparisons showed that especially the precision in the left/right sound stage was significantly better defined with the Wireworld cable than with other existing power cables. When we switched to others like Ansuz or Nordost, the soundstage still had width, but never with the separation across the stage of the Wireworld Aurora 7. Conclusion We got a lot of precision and musical joy when Aurora was in the chain. And this was a great surprise when compared with cables at 10 times the cost. It is incredible that Wireworld has not previously taken a foothold in Denmark or Scandinavia.

The full review is available at this link: Nomono

So cables are just cables?

Who would know? That guy on the Internet forum who says it’s all snake oil, or the world-renowned mastering engineer of the newly remastered The Beatles: The U.S. Albums? If you think it’s that guy on the Internet skip this part of the newsletter.

Last April David Salz of WireWorld and Jeff Dorgay from Tone Audio Magazine sat down with Greg Calbi, Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound in New York City, who’s mastered some of the best sounding and biggest hit records of the ’70s through today. Greg had just seen the release of his newly re-mastered “The Beatles: The U.S. Albums,” and Jeff interviewed him about that release, mastering in general, and why he uses Wireworld Cables throughout his signal chain. They made a video of the interview that is well worth watching. Link: YouTube

Another email from Sandy Gross:

September 3th, 2015

Dear Wylie,

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

We are thrilled that the Triton One continues to build up the most amazing collection of fantastic reviews that I have seen in 40 years! And, there are more coming, to be sure. This latest, fromPiero Gabucci in Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity is certainly terrific, and I love that he calls the Triton One “A Game Changer”. That is, after all, one of the most powerful and important comments that could be said about a product. Of course his statement in the conclusion, that the “Price can’t be touched” is pretty cool too.

Going right to the In Use section, Piero gets started with the simple statement,

“It does what every speaker strives for, clean clear and natural sound.”

Then, the best possible comment,

“The Triton One is remarkably very much live-sounding.”

To my ears (LOL) no better compliment could be paid.
Secrets' Piero Gabucci Reviews the Triton One

Then going on in more detail,

“The Triton One has the exceptional ability to play the subtleties from the low distant charging sound to the final buildup and explosion of the full orchestra. The percussion simply shine and ring clear without harshness…music at its best.”

Further raves,

“The Tritons are expressive at even the lowest volume…pushing the One to higher volume thresholds, I’m struck by the clean control and lack of distortion.”

More important comments abound, like,

“The Triton One’s mid-range is exceptional…a sense of layering is obvious…it all works just beautifully. This is precisely what music playback is supposed to sound like, give the Triton One full credit.”

And then, talking about the bass,

“Bass adjustability in itself is a significant feature on the Triton One, but what is astounding is how well the bass sounds… most importantly clean, articulate bass where the nuances of instruments, vibration and notes that extend and ring out.”

But, not just the all important musical subtlety,

“The Triton reverberates throughout my own space; rattling pictures on walls, flutters my pants leg and sends deep chills through my stomach.” In conclusion, among other things,” It will blow you away…I find that epic.”

Please, click here or on the image above to read the full review and then share this with your team and your customers. And, believe it or not, we still have dealers who do not have Triton Ones on their sales floor! If this is you, please realize that this is the goose that lays golden eggs, and it is not often that this goose comes around. The strong selling season is upon us. Do it! The One’s momentum and trajectory is just beginning.

Onward and Upward,

Sandy Gross
President and Founder
GoldenEar Technology

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