The no-demo speaker demo

  For a customer demonstration I moved my GoldenEar REFERENCE out of my demo room and hooked up Triton Sevens .  The traditional hi-fi store demo is for the salesman to play selected tracks to show the abilities of the speaker, describing each quality being demonstrated.  This time I decided not to play demo songs for him or to say anything – instead I handed him my iPad and remote and let him search for and select his own music from TIDAL and choose his own listening volume.   (I think I am alone in this but since I don’t go to other St. Louis stereo stores, I’m not sure.)  He found his music and his loudness and had a good time.  Apparently the sound agreed with him as he ordered pair of Seven speakers. 
    For $1499 the Sevens are hard to beat.   They sounded so very nice I decided to spend a few days listening to them instead of bringing back the One.R or REFERENCE to the demo room.  GoldenEar speakers have the same excellent sound personality, so switching models is not jarring.  Of course the Sevens aren’t able to go as loud as the bigger GoldenEars, or play as deep, or sound as detailed, but they still have the GoldenEar sound and are way less money.   

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