Upgrade power cables

People ask me – “Do audiophile power cables make a difference?”

The good news is YES, they will improve your system. Of course the bad news is something you probably already expect – there is a correlation of the amount they cost with the improvement they make. If you do a Google search for “power cable shootout” you will find several independent studies to that effect.

Of course higher cost is no guarantee of better sound, and there are lower priced cables that are in the good part of the curve for diminishing returns. I sell Analysis Plus power cables, WireWorld power cables, and Tara Labs power cable, all of which have cables running from $90 into the $3000 to $4000 range, and they are worth the money to those who want to buy performance in that range.

But I am also a dealer for Pangea power cables which start at $25 and top out at $400. These guys are an incredible bang for the buck. They are sold online exclusively at AudioAdvisor.com, so you can see the complete selection there. And there are Pangea dealers, like me, so you have a choice of buying from them or me.

Why buy from me? If you live in St. Louis and are wiling to come to my place you don’t pay shipping to buy or to return. Even better, if you want to try different cables, even other brands, you can buy and return Pangea, WireWorld, and Analysis Plus cables, all without paying restocking fees and shipping. If you don’t live here then maybe your local store can help you.

There is quite a selection of Pangea cables. They also do HDMI cables and USB cables. Their $100 cables don’t necessarily beat the other guy’s $300 cables, but often they do. What is certain is that dollar for dollar Pangea cables give you the most improvement for the dollars invested. Here is no way you can lose, and it’s a great way to get started down the road of power cable improvement.

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