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I am Wylie Williams, owner of The Speaker and Stereo Store in St. Louis Missouri, which is kind of a misnomer because now it operates from my home. For 23 years it was a storefront but when I closed the storefront, intending to retire, people kept calling me and I found myself back in business from home. It’s fun dealing with the brands and products I like – speakers from GoldenEar Technology and Gallo Acoustics, DACs, preamps and amplifiers from Bel Canto Design, Vincent Audio and Musical Design, turntables and electronics from Music Hall Audio, and cables for Analysis Plus and WireWorld.

I don’t claim to be the best stereo store in St. Louis. There are others who have a bigger selection and more expensive components, like The Sound Room, St Louis Stereo, and Music for Pleasure, but I have some components that offer high performance audio at more moderate prices and I give honest counsel and pleasant demonstrations in a home setting.

I have a website, speakerandstereostore.com which has a few more brands and links to my brand’s websites.

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