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Me versus stores

When you walk into an audio store demo room you can see all their speakers lined up. With me it’s completely different. When you walk in you see only one pair of speakers in my demo/living room. Here’s a problem — I find that even people who visit … Continue reading

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A chat with Sandy Gross

Sandy called asking my opinion of the new Triton Two+ and Three+. They were breaking in, so I had to put him off a week. Having finally broken them in and put them in my room I called him back … Continue reading

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2015 Stereophile recommended components

I like Stereophile‘s idea of ranking components with grades. The latest ratings divide speakers into categories according to how much bass they produce and how deep it goes. This makes a lot of sense, but confuses me a bit. . The ten Class … Continue reading

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Reviews, reviewers, snark.

Summary of the Stereophile – July 2015 issue Michael Fremer reviewed “The best tonearm in the World” 5 pages. He loved it. $28,000. (Should I say more? I think that if you can seriously consider a $28,000 tonearm can afford … Continue reading

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It amazes me

How great an incredible variety of audio gear exists across the world. I spend/waste a lot of time on the internet looking at online review magazines, and to me the number of international companies making high-end components is staggering. Clearly there … Continue reading

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