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Summary of the Stereophile – July 2015 issue

Michael Fremer reviewed “The best tonearm in the World” 5 pages. He loved it. $28,000. (Should I say more? I think that if you can seriously consider a $28,000 tonearm can afford to buy the magazine and also afford to fly the wherever it is sold.)

Art Dudley spent 2 pages on a $5250 tonearm. Opinion unclear.

Kalman Rubinson reviewed a new $2000 Emotiva home theater processor. He was impressed.

Michael Fremer was extremely pleased for 8 pages with the Bel Canto Design Black DAC/streamer/amplifier system. The price is $55,000. For those who want to buy one based on the review, I am a Bel Canto dealer.

Herb Reichart had a very good review of the Creek Evolution 2100A integrated amp. 110 wpc for $2195, with optional modules for adding phono, FM tuner, and DAC bringing it to $2794. Despite the exotic stuff he reviews Herb said at the end that his tastes now run to unpretentious gear like the Creek.

Just last week Leland Leard of Music Hall Audio (importer of Creek) recommended this amp to me for my personal system. If anyone wants to buy one that I can audition for a week or two before delivery I will give an incredible deal. 

Art Dudley reviewed a $4995 turntable. He mostly likes it.

Robert Deutsch did a 2½ page follow-up on a $7000 speaker upgraded to $10,000. 4′ main driver. Great clarity. Bass? Not so much. Really, not so much bass.

My summary

Not as bad as The Absolute Sound. Still, in terms of ink spilled, there was a huge tilt for super-priced stuff. I suppose they should review it, but maybe they could save a few hours of review time and a few pages of magazine for stuff that costs a lot less. The St. Louis audio enthusiasts would definitely appreciate emphasis on more affordable stuff.

Another great review for GoldenEar speakers.

Is this getting monotonous? Not to me. Sorry, but as a dealer I am so pleased when anther review comes in, because every one says the sound is great. Most say that nobody else in this price range can touch the GoldenEar reviewed. All this is music to my ears.

Once again I have an email from Sandy Gross. It’s about the new SuperCenter XXL center speaker. It’s $1249, but it is a three-way speaker with two woofers, two midranges and the famed GoldenEar tweeter.

June 11th, 2015

Dear Wylie,

As you know, we are currently shipping our new mega-center channel speaker, the SuperCenter XXL. We are thrilled that Robert Kozel of Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity has already published the SuperCenter XXL’s first rave review. How good is it (the XXL, and the review)?

To put it succinctly, Robert begins with,

If you are looking for the ultimate in center channel speakers, then your search is over.

That, of course, says it all. But just some of Robert’s detailed raves:

This amazing speaker continues the GoldenEar Technology legacy.

The SuperCenter XXL offers exceptional clarity and imaging.


The SuperCenter XXL created a totally seamless soundstage across the entire front of my listening room. The music was gorgeous with intricately layered vocal harmonies and the bass vocals sounded especially rich.

And, perhaps most importantly,

The biggest takeaway for me with the SuperCenter XXL was its ability to produce sound with such clarity that I forgot I was listening to a speaker … brought me closer to the characters than ever before.

The SuperCenter XXL has already started lighting up sales floors and customers’ systems around the world.They are a no-brainer to go with all Triton One systems, and my guess is half the other Triton Systems as well as Aon systems too.

Please click here  to read all of Robert’s “First Look” comments, and then please share it with your team and your customers.

Onward and Upward,

Sandy Gross
President and Founder
GoldenEar Technology

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