Me versus stores

When you walk into an audio store demo room you can see all their speakers lined up. With me it’s completely different. When you walk in you see only one pair of speakers in my demo/living room. Here’s a problem — I find that even people who visit often think that they are seeing it all. NO. NO. NO.

Behind a door just steps away I have all my other demo speakers. By “demo speakers” I mean speakers that are out of the box, broken in, sitting there ready to be brought in for listening.

I have ALL the GoldenEar Technology tower and bookshelf speaker’s lurking there, just waiting for someone to ask to hear them. If you make an appointment I will have the ones you want waiting in the demo room. If you want to hear another?? People think it’s big deal to swap speakers. NO. NO. NO. It’s not as fast as an Indy pit stop, but I am very practiced, so it’s very easy, and pretty fast. I use a mini hand truck to wheel the big speakers in and out, and banana plugs for quick connect. Easy peasey.

The demo itself is more like going to a friend’s house for a listening session than undergoing a high-end store sales presentation. You can bring what you want to hear (a good idea because I’m sure our tastes in music are not identical.), or we can find something you like among Tidal streaming service’s 40 million tracks. You can listen as long as you want, and there is no pressure. I am mostly retired; I’m still in this business for love of music, interest in the components that play it, and the company of other audiophiles. And so all the time I spend playing with my stereo I can tell my wife “It’s business.” Priceless.

I’m not saying that I am better than stores, just different in several good ways.

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