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Troubles at home

I have some sort of electrical problem, so a dozen or so outlets are dead till an electrician fixes the problem next week. Two of the outlets are the ones that feed my Triton Two+, ONE, ONE-R, and REFERENCE, so … Continue reading

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Me versus stores

When you walk into an audio store demo room you can see all their speakers lined up. With me it’s completely different. When you walk in you see only one pair of speakers in my demo/living room. Here’s a problem — I find that even people who visit … Continue reading

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DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0 Dual Core – Part 1

(Which hereinafter will be called the Dual Core.) This is Day One of my experience with the Dual Core, wherein I discover its bass room correction, ignoring its other features. As a new dealer for the Dual Mode this is my first … Continue reading

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Room acoustics – the weakest link

Who among us has a room designed for high fidelity audio? My guess is none. After carefully selecting components that were expertly designed for great sound reproduction we put the system is a room where not one moment’s thought was … Continue reading

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