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Anxiously awaiting the GoldenEar Triton One

CES comes but once a year, and the publicity it generates for new audio products is immense. Manufacturers are very eager to use it to introduce new products, even if they are not ready to ship. That’s why GoldenEar Technology … Continue reading

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New GoldenEar Technology SuperCenters are here!

Yes, they are here, in stock and on demo for interested parties. The photos don’t show it, but their 11 ” depth specification is real; way bigger than the 4″ depth of the SuperSat center speakers, and it doesn’t take … Continue reading

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More opinion of GoldenEar Technology Triton Seven

I’ve just received feedback on the Triton Seven. A friend (and customer) had been waiting to hear them so he came over for a listen. On hearing them he was very positive in his praise, and said that he will … Continue reading

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Miscellany from Wylie

NYTimes article: “The New Audio Geeks — A high-tech audience catches on to the appeal of high fidelity.” The article discusses the slowly growing phenomenon of a few iPod/earbud listeners moving up to actual sound systems. An interview with Roy Hall of music hall audio is part of … Continue reading

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DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0 Dual Core – Part 1

(Which hereinafter will be called the Dual Core.) This is Day One of my experience with the Dual Core, wherein I discover its bass room correction, ignoring its other features. As a new dealer for the Dual Mode this is my first … Continue reading

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Five Star review for Aon 2 / ForceField 5 system

GoldenEar Technology keeps coming out with new speakers and reviewers keep loving them. I have been waiting for the first review of the ForceField 5 subwoofer (12″ woofer; 1500 watts; 13 x 14″ bass radiator; $999). The first one came … Continue reading

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Room acoustics – the weakest link

Who among us has a room designed for high fidelity audio? My guess is none. After carefully selecting components that were expertly designed for great sound reproduction we put the system is a room where not one moment’s thought was … Continue reading

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