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NYTimes article:

“The New Audio Geeks — A high-tech audience catches on to the appeal of high fidelity.”

The article discusses the slowly growing phenomenon of a few iPod/earbud listeners moving up to actual sound systems. An interview with Roy Hall of music hall audio is part of the article. He said “The kids are not idiots… A nice little hi-fi system with a good turntable sound amazing — way beyond an iPod.”

Link: http://nyti.ms/1dVE9xG

Part of the article is about headphones. Don’t expect to read that kids are becoming audiophiles; the popular headphone is Beats by Dr Dre. If you are unfamiliar with them don’t get excited. Reviews say they are bass heavy to suit adolescent tastes.

So many Subwoofers

If you were to Google “Subwoofer” in Google Shopping you would find prices from $65 to $2999, so apparently they don’t know about expensive subwoofers. If you are looking for subwoofer priced under $1000 I invite your attention to GoldenEar Technology’s Forcefield 3, 4, and 5. Their claim to fame is value. There are other good subwoofers, and some are better, but the ones that are better are priced higher. Actually some that have about the same or less in performance are priced higher. In a review of the Forcefield 3 one reviewer said “the output of the ForceField 3 is excellent for its size and price. In the low bass octave (40-63 Hz) it averages 116.4 dB, which is in the range of what I usually measure from similarly sized (but much prettier and more expensive) ‘lifestyle’ subs like the B&W PV1D and the KEF R400b, to give two recently tested examples.”

To equate the measured performance of a $499 sub to an $1800 sub and a $1900 sub is a good example of what GoldenEar speakers are in the world of speakers—performance that is totally out of line with price in comparison to the others.

Follow-up on Vincent Audio SV237 Integrated amp

My customer who emailed me detailing his succession of changes noticed continued changes, so he emailed WS Distributing, the USA importer, and asked about the break-in period. Their reply—

Hello ———,

The warranty on Vincent is two years. There is a burn-in period for your SP-331MK that should take about 100 to 150 hours. Give it some time and it will sound much better, possibly with the Pangea cable as well. The Pangea cables are some of the best for the money.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Thank you, WS Distributing

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