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Vinyl – the original High Definition format

In several recent conversations with fellow audiophiles it has come up that we have a common desire to relive the glory of great past audio experiences. As I thought back to what these experiences had in common it occurred to … Continue reading

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Musings on listening

“Yes, but…” Yes, 20Hz to 20,000Hz is the accepted range of human hearing, and frankly most of us can’t hear nearly as high as 20,000Hz But speakers that go to 30KHz and above, like GoldenEar Technology’s folded ribbon tweeter tweeter, … Continue reading

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Room acoustics – the weakest link

Who among us has a room designed for high fidelity audio? My guess is none. After carefully selecting components that were expertly designed for great sound reproduction we put the system is a room where not one moment’s thought was … Continue reading

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