DSPeaker Anti-mode 2.0 Dual Core – Part 1

(Which hereinafter will be called the Dual Core.)

This is Day One of my experience with the Dual Core, wherein I discover its bass room correction, ignoring its other features. As a new dealer for the Dual Mode this is my first sample and I am pretty excited to get the bass response of my GoldenEar speakers made right!

To calibrate the Dual Core I connected it between the preamp and the amp. My first discovery was that the owner’s manual is easy to understand, which is so nice for a guy like me who is techno challenged. I put the microphone at the listening position and started the analysis sweep tone. After one pass it showed the speakers’ in-room frequency response from 20 Hz to 150 Hz in red. Then it repeated the sweep a few times. I think it was calculating and testing different corrections. After it made its final calculations and corrections the tiny screen showed my original response and the corrected response in black.











As you can see it has done a world of good by flattening most of the peaks in the bass response and partly corrected one dip, but left the huge dip around 70HZ which, as a standing wave cancellation, is almost impossible to correct.


At this point my next move is to move the speakers to different positions to see if that dip can be reduced. But in the meantime I am happy to know that my bass is the most accurate it has ever been, and that I can quickly and easily play around and check the results of different locations.

Eventually I will get to the other capabilities of the Dual Core and report to you.



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