Troubles at home

I have some sort of electrical problem, so a dozen or so outlets are dead till an electrician fixes the problem next week. Two of the outlets are the ones that feed my Triton Two+, ONE, ONE-R, and REFERENCE, so I can’t use their built-in subs. For replacements I put in a pair of the Triton 5 that normally reside in my bedroom and I have been super pleased. Yes, the clarity is a bit less, and if I were to crank up to concert loudness or put on drum solos I would notice the difference. But I haven’t had those urges lately so I am just enjoying. As a matter of fact I did the “reviewer thing” and did a long listening session that was a lot of fun. I think I should do a quick comparison before I bring back the big boys, but I can say right now that for a $2000 pair of speakers the Triton Five is a winner.

Home theater, again

We have a 12 x 17 bedroom that we use for our home theater, but for the past year we have listened in stereo because I sold the center channel speaker to a guy who just had to have it NOW. Actually stereo is usually just fine, but surround can be nicer. This week I finally put back a center channel.

I’m using GoldenEar SuperSat 60s on stands right and left and SuperSat 60C for the center. SuperSub XXL for the sub (which is serious overkill, but I have one for demo so why not.) For rears I am using Gallo Micros on the floor, pointing upward because anything else would be too close, as we have the TV on the long wall.

Most people bypass the SuperSat 60, probably because of the $999 price but to have a line of four woofers and two bass radiators in a D’Appolito array with the GoldenEar Heil tweeter lets me have top notch sound in a small room.

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