All Hail the Triton Five

A newsletter or two ago I reported that I had been surprised and pleased when I moved the Triton ONE-R from my demo room, replaced it with the Triton Five, and fell in love with the Five. I listen to the Five every morning when my timer turns on my 1996 Sony receiver to the classical station for a gentle awakening. Though groggy I usually enjoy the music but am not in the mood for evaluation of sound quality. Only when I put the Fives in the demo room did I pay attention to discover how fine they are. Now British magazine HiFI News and Record Review has reviewed them and raved. Here are a few excerpts:

Quite simply, these are speakers that just sound ‘right’ as soon as you listen, creating a soundstage picture completely free from those slim towers, unearthing startling detail in the midrange and the treble, and with bass to make some much larger – and much more expensive – loudspeakers sound just plain silly. If you’ve ever read one of those reviews in which the writer seems to suggest a process of toiling at the coalface to get under the skin of a product – get real, it’s only listening and writing – then you’ll enjoy the fact that the Triton Fives are not just ridiculously good for the money, but also remarkably easy to enjoy. I was already hooked by the wide-open sound, the weight and power of the bass and the way they seem completely invisible in acoustic terms, leaving the listener focused and well-extended, the percussion nicely delineated, and the piano naturally weighted. It’s an exciting sound, and presented with total ease by the Triton Fives … offering up the voice and brass in perfect balance with the orchestra in the resonant Snape Maltings acoustic for a brilliantly atmospheric sound. They also manage to be fast and crisp without ever sounding brash or over-bright. these speakers really can boogie, with fabulous snarl to the guitar, thundering bass and a heart-thudding drum figure just before the solo howls out. By any standards these are simply wonderfully well-balanced speakers, and a delight to review. Superb speakers for sensible money? Yes – and then some! The Triton Fives live up to their ethos by putting the engineering budget where it counts – into the sound. The open, focused soundstaging, powerful, punchy bass and remarkable handling of voices and acoustic instruments all contribute to the very special sound on offer, making these slender black columns remarkable value and a must-listen. Sound Quality: 87% of 100

Of course, I have picked the choice bits of the review, but there is more at this link.

Happy listening,

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