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“Hi Wylie, I was wondering if there is any information out yet on the new Gallo Reference 3.5 replacement speakers?”

My reply:

Interestingly I asked that question of the Gallo national sales manager last week. Anthony Gallo is working on a new model with a target price around $4,000 to $4,500 a pair, and the new speaker is expected by the end of the year. Having said that, I was told that only Anthony knows the details, that he is still in development, and that Gallo production estimates have been known to slip by months, even years. Nevertheless I am hopeful because Gallo’s speakers have always had innovative engineering and wonderful sound.

“Wylie, have you tried any of the USB cables from WireWorld?”

My reply:

Yes. But please don’t ask me if they sound better. Although I use an upper level WireWorld cable in my system, I haven’t done any comparisons, I just wanted to be sure I use a cable I know is top-notch. I know there is a view that all HDMI cables have the same performance, and another view that some high-end cables are better. I have no technical qualifications to judge this, and insufficient patience to do listening tests. I just got one I trusted and stopped there.

I also know that there are the same viewpoints about analog cables, and I know from experience that many cables sound better than others, even though the Internet is littered with accusations that the idea of better cables is “snake oil”. Of course some of the snake oil accusations might have merit. Even good products can be over-hyped. For example I recently got an email with a link accusing Audioquest of false demonstrations. True? I don’t know.

This reminds me of a story I heard long ago about a guy who went “behind the curtain” at a local Advent dealer and found resistor networks behind their speaker demo wall that assured that Advents would be louder than all the other speakers on the wall. My point is that even great products, like the Advent speakers, are sometimes marketed in a suspect way.

There is a GoldenEar Technology thread on AVS Forum

Most of the GoldenEar owners who post here are home theater guys. Link

Here is a comment I cut and pasted from the thread:

I haven’t posted in roughly a year since I bought my Triton Ones, so I thought I’d give a quick update. These remain to be the best speakers I have ever owned (and remember they are right next to my 10k Focal Electras). They are beautiful sounding in every audiophile adjective I could sputter about them.

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