GoldenEar Technology upgrades the Triton Two and Three

Five years ago the Triton Two was GoldenEar Technology’s first speaker, and it was an immediate sensation. The Triton Two stunned audiophile reviewers and listeners with its combination of excellent sound and moderate price, so much so that many reviewers compared it to speakers costing three times its $3,000 price or more. One reviewer went so far as to put it on a par with $20,000 speakers. In following years, as smaller GoldenEar speakers were introduced, reviewers and other listeners noted continued improvements: GoldenEar’s team was making each new speaker an exercise in improvement, redesigning and refining the drivers and crossover. Finally the Triton One became their crowning achievement.

Rather than rest on their achievement the GoldenEar team, headed by Sandy Gross, used the lessons learned from their research on the Triton One to create the Triton Two+ and the Three+. The goal of all this re-engineering was to have the Triton Two+ and Three+ sound more like the Triton 1 at a lower cost and a smaller size.

How well did they succeed? Here are some early responses to the new speakers:
CES 2016 Quotables:

Residential Systems – John Sciacca
I listened to the $2500/pair Triton Three and was blown away by the depth, dimensionality and just stomp-on-your-chest bass. It’s cliché to say “Sandy did it again!” but new Triton Three+ is simply stunning at $2500/pr.

The Absolute Sound – Jim Hannon
GoldenEar Triton Three+ loudspeakers are amazing values.

Stereophile – Herb Reichart
Both models could move and handle like European race cars. Compared to the Triton Five (I really liked them), the Two+ and Three+ played faster-with greater detail, presence and agility. They shed more light on the music. They did jump and jive…Two impressive high-end loudspeakers at a very comfortable price.

HomeTheaterReview – Adrienne Maxwell
GoldenEar’s demo of the smaller Three+ sounded fantastic.

Sound & Vision – Mark Fleishman
One of the two best demos at the show…GoldenEar’s Triton Two+ and Triton Three + have been upgraded to adopt the same sonic signature as the Triton One.

Secrets of Home Theater – Jim Clements
I must agree that both models (Triton Two+ and Three+) displayed the Triton One pedigree that has won over music lovers around the globe.

Dagogo – Marc Silver
On the Model Two+, I found the bass nicely extended with very fast transients and impressive extension. The mids were smooth and focused and the highs were open and airy – all the things I look for in any high-end speaker, but especially appreciated in one at this price.

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