I’m going BIG for home theater!

I have two home theater systems – a small one in a spare room and a larger one in my main demo room (AKA as my living room) . The small system is set up at all times, while the large system is set up only for home theater demos, as most requests are for two-channel demos. I have a projector and screen that get brought out for home theater demos The projector is excellent, but my demo room has so much light that the picture is not at its best until night has fallen. In the daytime the colors get washed out by all the light. In a few weeks that will change because I am getting a flat screen installed.

But of course the sound is the thing, and I am very happy now because I am using the SuperCenter XXL and the new SuperSub XXL subwoofer. This is a great systems and I’m having fun.

Usually I don’t mention a new product until full reviews are published, but the reaction at the 2015 CEDIA show tells the story. The information below was taken from an email form GoldenEar.

Previewed at CES last January, the new SuperSub XXL was a standout, with press comments raving:

“a bargain for a subwoofer of this performance”
(Robert Kozel, for Secrets of Home Theater)


“strong, pure, controlled bass output”
(Mark Fleischmann for Sound & Vision)

Chris Martens wrote in his Absolute Sound CES report:
“GoldenEar also debuted its most capable and ambitious subwoofer to date-the SuperSub XXL ($1999.99/ea.). The inventive SuperSub XXL features two active 12-inch bass drivers set in a vibration-cancelling, horizontally-opposed configuration, supplemented by two 12.75-inch x 14.5-inch passive radiators set in a patent-pending vibration cancelling, vertically-opposed configuration. Providing propulsion is a 1600-watt DSP controlled subwoofer amplifier.”

Click on the photo below for a larger view.
SuperSub XXL Print Ad

Commenting on the unique design, he adds:

“GoldenEar’s SuperSub XXL features vibration-cancelling technology … it could play at high levels without disturbing a coin balanced on edge on the top of its cabinet.”

And how did it sound?

“During a brief listen what struck me most was not the sub’s powerful and deep low-frequency output, which I expected, but rather it’s unusually high degrees of tautness, transient speed, and control, which I did not expect.”

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