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A new email from Sandy Gross about the SuperSub XXL

December 8th, 2015

Dear Wylie,

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Ted Green and his Strata-Gee e-newsletter. Ted, formerly VP of Sales and Marketing at Onkyo, has a marketing group called Stratecon, and publishes a very interesting e-newsletter that discusses many aspects of our industry and the players within it. Ted normally doesn’t get intensely into reviewing products, so we were very pleasantly surprised to read his posting about our CEDIA demo, headlined, Is GoldenEar the Golden Ticket to Superior Theater Performance? that appeared in a recent issue.

Ted began by discussing our Invisible In-Ceiling Atmos System, which he loved:
“The sound was terrific–perhaps one of the best Atmos demos at the show. Surprisingly, the front L/C/R channels gave an absolutely believable performance with sound imaging precisely from the screen. The soundstage was seamless and expansive. The dialogue was precisely centered and the special effects whirled around….and thanks to Atmos, over us.”

Strata-Gee on the GoldenEar CEDIA demo

“What really caught our attention was the bass and effects sounds from the SuperSub XXL. Not only did the SuperSub XXL meet or exceed their competition in pumping out tidal waves of deep, heart-stopping low frequencies–but it was hands-down the most controlled and tightest bass we’ve heard yet…from anyone.”
“Our attention shifted almost immediately to the remarkable GoldenEar subwoofer. After the presentation ended, we walked up to the front to look at the subwoofer and were shocked to see a nickel balanced on its edge on the cabinet of the SuperSub XXL. It had been there through the entire presentation!”

And Ted concluded quite simply,
“GoldenEar’s stealth Atmos demonstration definitely got our attention. But the SuperSub XXL…BLEW US AWAY.”

Click here or on the image above to read all of Ted’s comments. And, of course, please “share” these review highlights with your team and your customers. The SuperSub is landing and the response has been universally the same as Ted’s: This is a game changer destined to dominate its category.
And beyond commenting on the SuperSub XXL‘s stellar performance, the other comment that has been universal is,
“It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.”
If you haven’t ordered at least a demo yet, now is definitely the time. We are advertising it heavily (just look at the back cover of December’s Sound&Vision, not to mention full page ads in The Absolute Sound and Stereophile) and it is HOT! At its affordable $1999 price for a true state-of-the-art sub, it is an easy step up. If your customer has more to spend, sell them two, for beyond over-the-top performance.

Onward and Upward,

Sandy Gross
President and Founder
GoldenEar Technology

About the SuperSub XXL in my demo system

By now I have used it with both the Triton One and the Triton Five. Frankly I didn’t play loud enough for the SuperSub to make a difference with the Triton One, because the Triton Ones have more bass capacity than I have ever used for music. When I paired the SuperSub XXL with the Triton Five the SuperSub XXL it made a combination that was in the same league as the Triton One. Judging by feeling the minute cone motion during playing bass I barely tapped the capability of the XXL.

Now I have switched back to the Triton One plus SuperSub XXL. My listening has been 99% music, but I am leaving everything connected to my home surround receiver so I can do some DVD listening. I have very few DVDs, so my plan is to download “The Ultimate DVD Demo tracks” from AVS Forums. There should be enough there to find out what massive subwoofer capability can do for me.

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