New Music Hall turntables coming in December

Music Hall doesn’t change models often, so when they do it’s a big deal, with improvements all around. Really, it looks like the only thing to stay the sameare the bases.All now have RCA jacks on the back,more speed accurate motors, carbon fiber arms, and better cartridges.

Below is the email Music Hall sent meannouncingthe new lineup. Music Hall promises more details will follow. I also got a new price sheet. Prices have gone up 5% to 10% for the improvements.But fear not, as always my prices will be great.

Music Hall is pleased to announce a completely new and upgraded range of our widely popular mmf turntables. The new mmf.3 turntable range will all come with a carbon fiber tonearm, a DC motor, removable RCA cables, and upgraded cartridges. We’ve completely supercharged the entire line!

This is the singlemost significant sonic upgrade we’ve ever produced. Following the good, better, best scenario – the quality of the tonearms, cartridges, and turntable design improve as you move up the line.

We expect the first shipment of 2.3’s in color and 5.3’s in black to arrive in the next 7 days.

Where are the photos?Believe me, we want them as much as you do. We’ll get them to you asap after the arrival of the turntables.

What arethe improvements?
2.3 – Bases available in black, white, red
carbon arm, DC motor, new Music Hall Spirit cartridge – specially built for us by Audio Technica ($100 value)

2.3se – Special rosenut finish. This is one gorgeoustable.

5.3 – black, red, white
carbon arm
DC motor
Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge ($236 value)

5.3se – Special rosenut finish
same as above w/Ortofon 2M Bronze ($440 value)

7.3 – piano black lacquer
speed control on motor
carbon arm
DC motor
Ortofon 2M Bronze ($440 value)

9.3 – piano black lacquer
speed control on motor
carbon arm
DC motor
Goldring Eroica LX – low output MC cartridge ($795 value)

No changes areplanned for the ikura and the mmf-11.1.

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