Bass, and more bass – LFE outputs and Triton speakers

GoldenEar Triton speaker’s built-in subwoofers can be powered using the speaker posts or LFE (Low Frequency Effects) RCA jacks on their AV receiver. Many assume that the bass should go through the LFE cables.

That is the case when you have a separate powered sub. The receiver sends the bass through RCA output jacks to the powered subwoofer, while electronic filters in the receiver remove the bass from signal sent to the other speakers in the system. But with Triton subwoofers the LFE connection is not needed – just select the left and right speakers as LARGE to send all frequencies to the Tritons over the speaker cable. The quality is as equal.

However, because many people love extra bass with their movies some choose to send the bass on both speaker and RCA cables. This allows the owner to, in effect, have two systems in one – one using only speaker cables that is tuned for music (presumably for accurate balance), and one kicking in more bass signal by way of the LFE cables. There is a lot of information about this subject at this page of setup tips.

Since for some people there seems no end to the desire for more bass the next way to get it by adding subwoofers. Golden Technology has four subwoofers ranging in retail price from $499 to $1999, with another due next month.

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