Focus on St. Louis

The Sound Room presents
Music Matters
on Thursday, October 1 from 5 PM to 9 PM
Food, wine, and door prizes.

Demonstrations by factory representatives.

GoldenEar Technology will be represented by Mike Lang, showing the Triton Five.

The world’s only pair of the concept speaker Paradigm Concept 4F will be shown before going to another location in its world tour.

It’s a very interesting looking speaker and presumably a version of it will be go into production. Price? Even with the Internet it’s hard to find pricing on prototypes, but said “The $20,000 price point is one where a customer can expect to get a full-range loudspeaker a mere stone’s throw away from reference-level performance…”
( Yes, that’s a direct quote. I wonder what “reference-level” costs and how far he can throw a stone, as measured in dollars? )

Anyway, the Concept 4F looks like a terrific speaker with many innovations. Even I, discouraged as I am at the proliferation of un-affordable components, am tempted to go have a look and listen. It would be like going to a car show to test drive a Lamborghini.

Vintage Vinyl named one of the top 21 Record stores in America by

“The clientele: Fans of home-grown Americana, hard rockers, and bluesmen”

“Regarded by vinyl addicts as one of the best-curated shops in the Midwest, this is a general-interest store if there ever was one. You can find nearly everything under the hot St. Louis sun, and in multiple formats: Punk CDs and hip-hop tapes fly off the shelves here as quickly as the wax does. But beyond what you can purchase, Vintage Vinyl is known for its ear-shattering in-store shows where free beer often flows. What else would you expect from St. Louis?”

The Speaker and Stereo Store, where music always matters .

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