First Listen GoldenEar Technology Triton Seven

My demo GoldenEar Technology Triton Sevens arrived two weeks ago, two days before we left for a ten day trip. Since I had been told that the Sevens need 100 to 150 hours break in, their arrival before the trip was a stroke of luck. I put a CD on repeat, turned the volume up, and let them play all the time I was gone. As far as I am concerned, they are 100% broken in.

I make no pretense that this is a thorough review or a valid comparison to the other GoldenEar speakers, because it’s just a first listening. I will have to listen more, get some other people over to listen, substitute other speakers (mainly the Triton Two and Three), and swap some electronics before I can try to describe the small points. The big point, however, is already settled – these are winners.

Once I got home from the trip it took only a few minutes of listening to render that verdict, and later listening continues to confirm my first impressions. These speakers do it all, beautifully. The sound is almost electrostatic in its clarity, and the midrange is so transparent they invite a comparison with the Triton Two. My demo material includes enough deep bass for a valid listen, so I think I can safely report that the bass is good, deep, and dynamic. I am impressed, and my wife even volunteered that she considers them “excellent”.

They are good enough to show the characteristics of different amplifiers. I have used the Vincent Audio SV237 hybrid integrated amp, the Bel Canto REF 500 monoblocks, and a Denon receiver so far, and was able to easily distinguish the sound of the amps. That says a lot about transparency and neutrality.

I just had a visit and a listening session with a friend who has the Triton Two and the Aon Three in his home. He brought his own hi-res demo material. After he finished listening to the Sevens I asked if he liked them. He was astonished that I asked. He loved them – was amazed at the dynamics and the spaciousness, etc. etc. I hate to misquote anyone, but he seemed to be saying that if he had heard these before he heard the Triton Two, he might have been happy to buy them instead.

GoldenEar had more orders for the Sevens than they could fill with the first production run, so I only have my demo pair on hand. But I have just learned that the next four speakers of my order are scheduled to be delivered Wednesday the 4th of September, and the last pair should be here in late September. Demos are available – just call or write.

You a may recall that a month or so ago I sent a newsletter with the first review of the Triton Seven. If you want to re-read it, here is a link:

 Sound And Vision Magazine
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