First listen Vincent Audio SV 237

Though only broken in for two days, and at low volume, for me the SV 237 already fulfills the promise of its hybrid design – tube sound and solid state power. Even though my bel canto design ref 500m mono amps are models of clarity and transparency I have felt a longing for a taste of what tubes give. Call it what you will – “soul”, euphonic coloration, harmonic bliss, or whatever, I like to hear a little bit of what tubes do to the sound without having to replace expensive power amp tubes at intervals. Vincent’s tube preamp and solid state power amp make the right hybrid combination. This is not to say that the SV 237 has all the virtues of tubes and the best solid state, like bel canto design amps. I am told that that can be had, but unfortunately at vastly higher price points, like from Pass Labs, Herron Audio, et al.
From the SC 237 voices have that touch more body that I have been craving – highs are still delicate and clear enough to “hear the room” – bass is as always with Vincent amps full, strong, and well defined.
Some nice features:
  • 10 watts Class A power; 150 watts Class AB
  • Two sets of speaker binding posts
  • Preamp out RCA jacks
  • USB input for computer audio
  • Bass, treble and loudness controls (defeatable)
  • Silver or black faceplate
To listen, just call me. I’m eager to get your opinion.
To price one just call me. The retail price is $2600, but since it can be had online with free shipping and no sales tax for $2399 I will absorb the sales tax to encourage you to buy local. (NOTE to subscribers outside the St. Louis area – I do not ship except across the river to that part of nearby Illinois within the metro area, in accordance to my dealer agreement. Naturally I can sell to anyone at my location.)
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