Customer feedback email on an Aon3/ForceField 3 sat/sub system

I’m always happy when a customer likes his purchase, and even happier when they write me saying so. A review puts me over the top.

Hey Wylie,

Here is an update on the Aon 3’s with Forcefield 3 in my bedroom listening area. I am about 12 ft from the speakers that are on a wide dresser, about 5 ft apart and just a touch below ear level.

Running the Marantz 1403 with main line outs to a pair of HCA-1000 Parasounds in MONO Block configuration.

Kimber Kable speaker cable and Canare Interconnects through out the system.

Panasonic DVD/Blu Ray you recommended to me.

On Sandy Gross’ recommendation I am running the Aon 3’s at full range and the sub at 40hz and lower.

Sounds is excellent and spatial placement is very solid. Vocals are quite amazing on good material and the low end is rather substantial in that room as is clarity of the mid bass and treble. Really some gems with these speakers. Very natural and revealing.

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