GoldenEar Triton Five Announced

GoldeEar Technology announced a new speaker model at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The Triton Five is a non-powered tower very similar to the Triton Seven, but bigger. Well, more than just bigger. Instead having two 5 inch bass/midrange drivers kit uses two 6 inch drivers. It’s a few inches taller than the Seven, a bit heavier, and also has better cabinet bracing, a newly designed crossover, and four passive radiators. In other words, improved in every way. The price will be $1999 pair. It’s not scheduled for shipping till March so I haven’t heard it, but a CES show review (link below) is extremely enthusiastic. (It’s hard to believe it could be as good as the reviewer says, but I sure hope it is.) Naturally as soon as they ship I will have them here for demo so I and other people can decide for ourselves, but given GoldenEar’s history of winners there is little doubt the Triton Five will be excellent.

P.S. The CES show review includes a video interview with Sandy Gross, founder of GoldenEar Technology

Link: Digital Trends

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