Enter the Triton Five – a review

I’ll start off simple:

The Triton Fives are great speakers – especially at the $2000/pair price.

It’s like listening to the Triton Ones but with regular woofers instead of powered subwoofers.

Yes, the powered subs of the Triton Ones and Twos go deeper and play louder, which is why they command higher prices. That’s the way it is with the GoldenEar Technology speakers from the Aon 2 to the Aon 3, to the Triton Seven, Five, Three, Two and One. Every one has the signature GoldenEar mids and highs, and as you progress up the ladder you gain deeper bass, more dynamics, and the ability to fill ever larger rooms. Every one is a winner in its class.

I can recommend the Triton Fives to the most fastidious audiophile as the best speaker even near its price. And I can say that even without hearing the others because I know the sound of the Triton One, just rated Stereophile Class B – Borderline Class A, just below $16,000 speakers, and I know the sound of the Triton Five.

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