A chat with Sandy Gross

Sandy called asking my opinion of the new Triton Two+ and Three+. They were breaking in, so I had to put him off a week. Having finally broken them in and put them in my room I called him back to share my observations, and during the chat he passed on some interesting information.

First, there will be no Triton One+. Yes, people have asked, but Sandy says that the One is not to change. The One is GoldenEar’s best, and the GoldenEar team’s efforts have been aimed at bringing the voicing of the One to the Two+ and Three+.

(Did they succeed? The short answer is YES! Details to follow soon.)

There will be no upgrade kit to make Triton Two into Triton Two+. The barrier to this is that the new crossovers are responsible for much of the improvement, and to upgrade would require interior cabinet work because the wire harness for the new crossover is different. Since it runs from the base to the top through partitions, and is glued airtight, the changes would be absurdly hard to make.

He discussed the existing ForceField and forthcoming SuperSub subwoofers. All GoldenEar subs are designed for maximum musicality, as opposed to maximum boom and lowest low end. But clearly, they are still quite capable of shaking the room when the sound effects call for it.

We talked about the two types of subwoofer fans, the “deep and loud” group and the musical accuracy group. Sandy designs for musical accuracy. By using digital signal processing GoldenEar subwoofer bass is tailored to respond to 20Hz and roll off below that. That prevents the cone over-extension, distortion and loss of control that destroy transient response and make a distorted boomy sound.

(My store held many Loud Car Stereo contests so I am very familiar with the “deep and loud” mentality. And I am sure all of you have sat at traffic lights and been subjected to that kind of bass. Now we have home theater system owners who only care about how deep and loud their subs play. They who miss the point of musicality.)

Sandy shared some information about his ForceField subs. They all have downward-firing passives which exert so much force that they had to be fitted with special large vibration absorbing feet. With regular feet they would bounce violently with the bass, and with points they would drill holes in the floor.

The new SuperSubs have passives top and bottom whose inertia cancels each other, and woofers side to side to do the same. The use of four radiating areas on each sub acts in many ways like having multiple subs in the room in terms of exciting different eigenmodes (room modes) and, also, comes very close to approximating an ideal pulsating sphere. This design makes a sub that is so free of vibration that a coin can be balanced on them when playing full tilt. GoldenEar has patented this design.

New Music Hall MMF 5.3SE has carbon arm

The first shipment of 5.3 turntables were mistakenly shipped with metal tonearms instewad of the carbon arms. Music Hall reduced the price of the 5.3s to the price of the 5.1s to quickly sell through this shipment. It has succeeded with the 5.3SE, and the 5.3SE with the carbon arm has arrived.

5.3 with metal arm and Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge is still $875
A terrific deal while it lasts!

5.3SE with carbon arm and Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge is $1395

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